What We Do

Our services are used by clients for a number of purposes, ranging from guiding strategic decision-making regarding research and development and commercialization to the fulfillment of regulatory requirements to extracting greater value from health care expenditures.

Our services are broadly organized into four core capabilities


Comparative effectiveness analyses
Pharmacovigilance and safety assessments
Investigations of drug utilization

Study Design and Analytics

Design and conduct of sophisticated comparative effectiveness, pharmacovigilance and drug utilization studies
Advanced techniques for causal inference, management of missing data and other statistical analysis

Regulatory Affairs

Risk-benefit appraisals
Bayesian, meta-analytic and systematic reviews
Patient and clinician preferences
Global marketplace and pharmaceutical policy

Health Economics and Outcomes

Cost-benefit analysis & cost-effectiveness analysis
Natural history of disease and resource utilization
Systematic economic and quality-of-life reviews
Core value dossiers


Strategic Decision Making

The successful application of real-world evidence can make the difference between an efficient R&D or launch strategy and a wasteful, or even failed, effort to commercialize a new technology. Guided by our years of industry experience, we have deep expertise in the generation of knowledge, as well as its application, as we make recommendations to meet our clients’ marketplace needs.

Extended Resource Network

We also have additional expertise and capabilities, including the ability to partner with clinicians from world renowned health care institutions, as well as the ability to provide comprehensive scientific training at all stages of career and professional development and at varying levels of intensity.

Scalable Solutions

We are equipped to provide a variety of levels of service depending upon clients’ needs, including expert consultation regarding specific aspects of study design, sometimes leveraging the health care settings of one or more leading clinical and research institutions.

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