Our fundamental premise is that innovative methods, analytical rigor, and scientific acumen can be provided in a commercial entity that operates “at the speed of business.” Monument Analytics delivers.

Unparalleled Knowledge Base

One of the most remarkable features of Monument Analytics is its access to consultants with an unparalleled knowledge base. Through its independent consulting services, Monument Analytics leverages this acumen to assist clients developing products and services for the benefit of society.

Top Notch Evidence

By capitalizing on this unparalleled depth and breadth of human capital, Monument Analytics is able to generate the highest quality evidence regarding the safety, effectiveness, and real-world value of the full range of medical processes and technologies; and to use this knowledge to help our clients navigate evermore complex and challenging regulatory and payment environments.

Internationally Renowned Experts

Our Principals and Consultants are internationally renowned for their expertise in areas ranging from epidemiology and biostatistics to clinical fields such as cardiovascular medicine, oncology, and immunology.

G. Caleb Alexander
G. Caleb AlexanderMD, MS
Jonothan C. Tierce
Jonothan C. TierceCPhil
William V. Padula
William V. PadulaPhD
Natalie Reid
Natalie ReidPhD, MPH, MBA


Our services are broadly organized into four core capabilities

  • Comparative effectiveness analyses
  • Pharmacovigilance and safety assessments
  • Investigations of drug utilization
  • Risk-benefit appraisals
  • Bayesian, meta-analytic and systematic reviews
  • Patient and clinician preferences
  • Global marketplace and pharmaceutical policy
  • Design and conduct of sophisticated comparative effectiveness, pharmacovigilance, and drug utilization studies
  • Advanced techniques for causal inference, management of missing data, and other statistical analysis
  • Cost-benefit analysis and cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Natural history of disease and resource utilization
  • Systematic economic and quality-of-life reviews
  • Core value dossiers

MA in the News

May 20, 2021
Bill Padula
Monument Analytics Principal Dr. Bill Padula published an article in the American Journal of Managed Care titled: “Cost-effectiveness of Total State Coverage for Hepatitis C Medications.” Dr. Padula’s cost effectiveness model found that Medicare-Medicaid public payer partnerships for hepatitis C virus treatment would save $1 billion over 25 years.

March 29, 2021
Caleb Alexander

Monument Analytics Co-Founder and Principal Dr. Caleb Alexander co-authored a paper in JAMA Internal Medicine titled: “Characteristics of Copayment Offsets for Prescription Drugs in the United States“.

March 24, 2021
Bill Padula

Monument Analytics Principal Dr. Bill Padula was quoted in the East Bay Times article titled: “COVID: Bay Area counties agree to vaccine distribution plan after weeks of squabbles with state over Blue Shield deal.” Dr. Padula shared his views regarding the counties’ vaccine distribution plans.

March 12, 2021
Bill Padula

Monument Analytics Principal Dr. Bill Padula was quoted in The Marin Independent Journal article titled: “COVID vaccines: Will California meet Biden’s May 1 goal?” Dr. Padula shared his views regarding logistics of vaccine distribution in California.

March 10, 2021
Bill Padula

Monument Analytics Principal Dr. Bill Padula was quoted in The Marin Independent Journal article titled: “Tensions mount over California’s vaccine distribution plan.” Dr. Padula shared his views regarding public and private vaccine distribution in California.