Collectively, the Principals at Monument Analytics have worked with hundreds of clients and products since the 1980s. As we reflect on this experience, we realize that healthcare consultants often fall into one of two categories. Typical “boutique” consulting companies may well understand clients’ business needs, but often have fewer resources devoted to, and less experience in, creative research designs and rigorous analytics. Independent consultants from other sectors may have strong technical skills, but fail to understand the commercial needs of their clients. At Monument Analytics, we package top notch scientific acumen in a commercial vehicle based on the strategic needs of our clients.

Personalized Service with Extensive Reach

As a boutique consulting firm, we offer clients customized solutions, one client at a time. Our team leaders bring years of life science industry experience as we work closely and collaboratively with clients throughout the project lifecycle, avoiding the inflexibility and inefficiencies that all too often beset larger commercial organizations. At the same time, we are able to access world-class health care and medical scientists covering literally every public health area and clinical specialty. This combination of experiences, skills and resources give us a unique platform from which to understand and address our clients’ needs.

A Focus on Value

At Monument Analytics, we are focused on determining, demonstrating, communicating and helping realize value for our clients. Value in the life sciences is multi-dimensional, ranging from understanding and quantitatively characterizing burden of illness, to designing effective clinico-economic studies of medical interventions and technologies to test the validity of value propositions, ultimately to fielding post-marketing evaluations of the “real-world” impact of these treatments on disease burden, quality-of-life, resource use, and costs.